Design Process Program

Many customers hire us because they needed to build an extra building off of their homes in order to store their toys or they needed space for a workshop. 

This always cost the home owner extra money because they needed to buy enough land to not only build there new home but they also needed space for the extra building.

After working with enough customers an idea came to us...

What if we could put the two together?  What if we could build a beautiful home with an attached workshop?

Thus the Barndominium was born.

Now you can build a beautiful home for you family and have an attached workshop or garage for all of your toys without having to pay for an extra building or storage.  

We then developed the Barnominium Process Program where we work one on one with you to design plans for your own customized Barndominium.

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Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours

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This will get you into the first step of building our own dream Barndominium Plans

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This will help our Design Center understand where you are in the process to better meet your needs.  The H&H Design Team will then reach out to you and schedule the consultation.

The Free Consultation

The H&H Design Team will help guide you through process of building your custom Barndominium plans and answer any questions you may have.
Barndominiums vs Post Frame Buildings
A Barndominium is a fully customizable home with an attached workshop. It is as simple as that. It acts as a dual-purpose building, providing shop, work, or storage areas large enough for boats and recreational vehicles as well as customized living space.
Post Frame Building
H&H Custom Buildings provides all types of Post Frame Buildings to western Montana. These versatile structures can be used for a variety of purposes including garages, horse barns, riding arenas, storage and more. H&H Custom Buildings is a full-service construction firm and provides our customers with custom building designs, building kits, full construction and service.
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